TCVAL / Legal Notice


Legal Notice and Terms and Conditions

I. Web Site

This website allows its users to know about the activities of Terminal Cerros de Valparaiso S.A. (Cerros Valparaiso Terminal) and the services this company currently has.
TCVAL informs that the access, usage, and reproduction of the website is property of Terminal Cerros de Valparaiso S.A. (Cerros Valparaiso Terminal) (from now, TCVAL). TCVAL will have permanently the Intellectual Property over this website and over all the elements that form it. It is understood that any right of TCVAL is private unless it is expressly granted.

This website is formed by different elements (images, pictures, texts, illustrations, sounds, videos, and so on) which form an inseparable unit whose intellectual property is owns to TCVAL.

TCVAL reserves the right of executing legal actions against people whom made imitations, or illegal and unfair usages thereof.

II. Users

The access and/or usage of TCVAL´s website ( is given to whoever takes the user status. The user must accept, since the first time, simple and pure way, the current and particular conditions the company can supplement or modify. Under the above, TCVAL reserves the right of modify and supplement the conditions since the time shall seem expedient to.

The user agrees to use the website, its services, and its contents in an appropriate way without infringing the law, good faith, the right usage, and public order. As well, the user agrees not to damage, through informatics virus or through a similar system, which can affect TCVAL or third parties, blocking the normal function of this website.

The user, whom incurs in any inappropriate usage of the website or provokes damage to TCVAL, shall be exposed to sanctions established by the Law 19,223 Related to Cybercrime.

With respect to the contents (information, texts, graphics, sound, image, pictures, designs, and so on), it is forbidden:
» Its reproduction, modifying, and any other transformation, including the translation, adaptation or arrangement, unless it has the authorization of its rightful owners and it is not against the law.

» Any rights violation of TCVAL or its rightful owners, including damage to Intellectual Property over itself.
» The outside usage of the personal and private user´s sphere, in special those with commercial purpose, professionals, or promotional, as long it is not allowed.

» The conferment of website´s contents through different ways to those established and provided by TCVAL to its users. Without prejudice of the foregoing, the contents could be used in the normal way that is used into the network, as long it does not harm TCVAL´s website.

» Remove, hide, or distort warnings in this website, related to Intellectual Property about this place and its contents.

IV. Unilateral Modification

TCVAL reserves the right to practice, unilaterally and without notice, the adequate modifications considered in this website, having the right to change, eliminate the design and structure of itself. In addition, TCVAL has the right to modify the services and contents as well as with the access and usage of this website.

III. Hiperlinks
TCVAL´s website ( may link to other contents, pages, information, services, or data (through links or banners) that are third parties property. The only objective of the links is to provide the possibility of complementing the information through them. TCVAL is not responsible in any case, alternative or directly, of the results that may appear when accessing to this links, nor for the quality, veracity, and lawfulness of them.

IV. Guaranties’ Disclaimer and Limitation of Liabilities
TCVAL will try to maintain the website´s information current and free of mistakes, without offering any guarantee related to the accuracy and updating. The user recognizes that the access and usage of this website it is on their exclusive responsibility.
TCVAL does not guarantee the uninterrupted access and error free of this website; therefore, TCVAL is at liberty of any responsibilities for any damage due to use or impossibility the website (including all indirect damages, like business opportunities, information, and so on).

TCVAL does not make any guarantee, nor is it responsible of any illicit usage, negligent, fraudulent, contrary to this terms and conditions, good faith, general allowed usages or public order, of its website, its services, or its contents, by the users.

V. Duration
TCVAL could interrupt, suspend, or finish this website operation when deemed appropriate.

VI. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The current General Conditions will be governed by the Chilean Legislation.

TCVAL will pursue the failure of the above Usage Conditions, as well as any illegal usage of the website or violation of its Intellectual Property and Industrial Property rights, exercising all the actions, civil and penal, corresponded by Law.

TCVAL and the user, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, is subject to the Jurisdiction of Valparaiso´s Court for any issue arising between them, with respect to all matters regulated under this conditions.