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Quality and Environmental Policy


Cabecera Calidad y medioambiente

The Quality policy, Environmental, and Occupational Safety Prevention of the TERMINAL CERROS DE VALPARAISO S.A., inside the OHL Concessions group and following its directions, are based on the following principles:

Working to obtain the maximum satisfaction from our clients with sustainable conditions, attending the expectations and necessities of their group of interest.

The Group directions of the occupational safety prevention, environment and quality policies are:

  • Prevention of damage and deterioration of health.
  • Protection and conservation of the environment.
  • Fulfillment of technical and quality requirements since the beginning of the project.
  • Continuous improvement.

To continue with these directions, TCVAL:

  • Demonstrates the commitment from the highest responsible management level of the organization, with a visible, effective and permanent leadership.
  • Develops innovative solutions and designs products and services that aim to improve management and guarantee the security of the user.
  • Meets the legal requirements, norms and agreements and others subscribed, as well as, looks after trends to anticipate in adapting.
  • Establishes objectives, plans and performs follow up on its activities under a principle of continuous improvement on the development and efficacy of the management systems.
  • Identifies, evaluates and manages the occupational safety, environmental and the quality.
  • Protects and preserves the environment and the natural capitol. The key tools to accomplish this are the preservation and reduction of pollution, and the optimization of the resources consumption. TCVAL assumes as priorities:

    - The conservation of the ecosystems and the protection of the biodiversity, specially the wildlife and ecological corridors.

    - Fostering the economy of low carbon through saving and efficient use of energy.

    - The Management of the impact due to the operation and maintenance of the infrastructures (energy consumption, GE1´s emissions and waste generation).
  • Promotes and demands to its suppliers and subcontractors the fulfillment of all clauses and dispositions, and collaborates on their sensitization and formation.
  • Promotes a culture of excellence that assumes as part of its daily activity, fostering team work.
  • Keeps a bidirectional communication and information, reliable, clear and opportune with its group of interest and promotes this policy.

To this purpose, the human resources that work for TERMINAL CERROS DE VALPARAISO S.A. has as a priority to:

  • Understands and satisfies the expectation in such matters as quality and environmental management of its clients (internal or external), collaborating in the continuous process improvement.
  • Contributes to the development, maintenance and evaluation of the Management System for Quality and Environment of the company. Identifies immediate, and punctually on the no conformances that may appear, suggesting improvement to avoid its repeatability, as well as cooperate in the realization of the Quality and Environmental Management audits.

TCVAL forbids any act that implies no controlled risks in the execution of its works.

The enforcement of this policy is demanded to all activities and companies of the organization, in all the countries that operates and it is leader by the direction of OHL Concessions. All the organization knows and complies on it; the Administration provides all the necessary resources for its achievement.

The Administration of TERMINAL CERROS DE VALPARAISO S.A. is totally engaged with this policy and its application, transmitting it to each associate and ensuring its compliance.


Francisco José Oviedo Raposo.
President Terminal Cerros de Valparaíso