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The mayor of Valparaiso visits TCVAL, to know in field the condition of the development of the expansion of the Port

The infrastructure work will allow to satisfy a demand projected of 2,35 million of TEUs for Valparaiso to the end of this decade.

Valparaiso, September 5th.- The Mayor of Valparaiso, Ricardo Bravo with the president of EPV, Raul Urzua, visited the installations of TCVAL (Cerros Valparaiso Terminal), concessionary of Terminal 2, to know in field about the operation and the place where the process of extension of the installations will be developed.

Both authorities had a meeting with the General Manager of TCVAL, Alvaro Espinosa, whom lets them know the details of the project, which investment is close to USD$500 (five hundred thousand of million dollars) and will duplicate the port transfer capacity that the country has nowadays.

“I came today to know the details of the planning that TCVAL has with the execution of one of the most important projects we have had in the Province of Valparaiso in the last hundred years for port investment”, The Mayor of Valparaiso expressed, whom also emphasized the importance of considering the development of the port that is crucial for the future of the city.

“Valparaiso has a historic definition about its port activity and its development, and also the necessity that this activity remains for its importance for the growth of the city, for the foreign trade, and I will say fundamentally, to allow us to bring employment and economic activity that are indispensable for the city".

For his part, the president of Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso (EPV), Raúl Urzúa, appreciated the performance of TCVAL in the operation of the Terminal 2, for achieving an increment of a 28% in the movement of loading in the first semester of this year, as well as the steps to promptly enter an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to SEIA.

“Our concessionary has done a tremendous effort for incorporating the Environmental Impact Study in the timeframe that the Mayor has manifested, this is before September 18th. This project will be crucial for the development of the Port. This will allow us to duplicate the quantity of containers and incorporate the cutting edge equipment, in that way, we will be very satisfied because this work is consequent with the EPV Development plan, which is crucial for the development of the foreign trade of our country”, Urzua affirmed. 

“After being in the Espigon sector, the General Manager of TCVAL explained to the authorities the design of the project and the spaces that will be used in the coastline for the building of one esplanade and a new berth, which for its extension and depth, will enable to operate big size ships into the terminal that nowadays do not have access to the country.

The Project considers 5 cranes of Gantry type for the super post panamax ships. These will attend even bigger ships than the new Panama Canal, so we are working with the most cutting edge equipment available in the market nowadays to achieve these standards. With this form we will be able to boost the main economic sectors of Valparaiso and put dynamism in Chile´s foreign trade”, Espinosa concluded.




  • The TCVAL Project is the most important initiative of Port growth in the last 100 years for Valparaiso´s Province.
  • This will be located from the Espigon Northeast corner to the Edwards Street on the South. 
  • TCVAL will expand in 12,5 acres the current infrastructure and it will build a 725 lineal meters dock with two new berths (the construction will be done without interrupting the operations). 
  • Its extension and depth will allow the entrance of containers that cannot access to the country nowadays. With that, the country will be better prepared to continue its grown through the foreign trade as its main motor (96% of the country´s exportations are through seaway). 
  • It project a transfer volume of 2,35 millions of TEUs during this decade for Valparaiso. 
  • It consolidates Valparaiso´s leadership in load movement alongside Puerto de Callao (Perú). 
  • It improves seismic security. It will provide more seismic stability and protection against the action of tsunamis. 
  • Vial improvement. The State, through the Port Company, will build underground passage for truck traffic that will connect with the South access (Camino la Polvora), specially designed for not jam this area and it will improves the tourist access and citizens of Valparaiso to the Prat dock. 
  • Respectful construction. During the building process it will be applied a manage plan for archeological finds, coordinated by the National Monuments Council (Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales - CMN) for its treatment and relocation in areas specifically habilitated for that purpose.